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XVI - Julia Karr I had not planned on deviating from reading my other books in favor of this one. The summary and plot idea sucked me in to reading it. After reading the reviews of my fellow readers, I have to agree in a way of how it did not exceed my expectations. So, I am giving it a three star.When I started reading, I was very excited. After a while, I lost slight interest except when there was action or an intense moment. Otherwise, it did not keep me sucked in. All I wanted to do in the end was finish the book. I still plan to read the sequel regardless to know what happens next. Although I want to read the sequel, a cliffhanger would have been good at the end. Otherwise, I see less people wanting to finish the series because one could practically finish at the end of this novel.I really hope authors who start writing dystopian novels actually put more work into it. Otherwise, it will be like the supernatural kick with crappy writings that I have to sift through.