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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I've distanced myself from books that revolve around mostly romance, which is mainly personal issues along. I found them to a bit unrealistic.

Fortunately, I actually consider this particular book to actually almost represent what its like to develop a crush and eventually fall in love. I don't really have much besides past crushes to relate this to, but its still really cute.

Anyway, this story revolves around two characters. One is Eleanor, who comes to back to a new school, and she lives in a abusive home. Basically, her stepfather is the big threat in her life. The other character is Park. I have a hard time describing him. 

What was interesting, though, at points in the novel how the characters dealt with not conforming to society's gender expectations. For example, 

Park's father wanted him to be more sports-like and do "masculine" activities. Overall, pretty much act like a "man". Then there was Eleanor, she didn't dress like what society assumed "girly" and "feminine" Her stepfather gave her some money to buy clothes because she wasn't dressing like the other girls. Also, other characters made fun of her appearance. There were a few other moments, but I can't really remember them.

(show spoiler)

That doesn't mean though that was amazing executed or anything (I'm not sure anyway). It doesn't mean its above every other novel. It was just an interesting add in and maybe makes one think.

Overall, this book was pretty good. Though, this story has a lot of pop culture references, some of which I picked up on and others was almost clueless. So if you don't understand something, Google may be your best buddy.